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New Wave Executives opened its door in Greensboro, NC in 2018. Using their international expertise and success New Wave Executives plan is to become a dominant company within the marketing industry. Here at New Wave Executives, we connect with our clients. We listen to our client’s needs and provide them the opportunity to grow by gaining new customers for them, whilst creating brand awareness for future customers.

Specializing in direct marketing, customer acquisition, brand awareness and customer service; we believe what separates us from all other companies within this sector is our versatility. We proactively seek new ways to provide the best service to our clients, of course with the promise to achieve the best results. Our job is to form an everlasting relationship between our clients and their customers and from our experience.

Who We Are

We believe in the power of our people.

We Understand

New Wave Executives is a new company with a clear ambition. We talk and listen. We smile and laugh. We love the brands that we represent and we love helping them achieve their own ambitions. If your brand could benefit from a more face-to-face experience with real people we’d love to help you too.

We Develop

We help organizations bring their brands to life using our team of amazing brand storytellers/ambassadors. In a world increasingly dominated by impersonal, online communications we help brands cut through the digital noise by using the best tools of all; our mouths and ears.

We Engage

In a world where people are increasingly connected through online technology, the paradox is that it’s getting harder for brands to engage with their customers in a meaningful and human way. Our aim is to break down these barriers by re-connecting and re-energizing brands.

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